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The best of general aviation.

The safest aircraft in the world.


Elixir’s variable pitch allows cruise at 125 knots with a range of 7 hours. With its autopilot, the Elixir is the perfect travel companion, whether it’s day or night. Moreover, its adjustable seats and electrically adjustable rudder pedals ensure a tailored fit for every pilot, catering to body shapes ranging from 1m40 to 2m05.


Yrom the robust oleo-pneumatic landing gear to crash worthy fuel tank, safety is engineered into every detail. Its large canopy provides a great view of the surrounding, helping to improve situation awareness. Moreover, the Elixir is equipped with a parachute as a standard : every pilot deserves a second chance.



Embrace worry-free flying with an average fuel consumption of 12.5 liters – 3.28 US gal per hour, whether it’s traditional 100LL or eco-friendly alternatives.

At an operating cost of just 50€ – $60 (fuel, insurance and maintenace) per hour, the Elixir is a cost-killer. Pack your bags, you’re about to leave ! 


Join the league of eco-conscious aviators with the Elixir !

This beacon of modern aviation slashes CO2 emissions up to 70% compared to traditional aircraft. Additionally, its certified structure devoid of a lifespan limit ensures longevity.

What our
clients say.

Safety in all conditions.
Unrivaled cost-efficiency.
Unmatched versatility.
The Elixir is a green aircraft

Fly greener with the 4th generation PART-23 aircraft.

With lower CO2 emissions and less noise thanks to its propeller (…), the Elixir has been designed to meet the new environmental challenges.

Reduce your carbon footprint by up to 70% compared with a conventional fleet.

Looking to buy a new aircraft? Book a discovery day with our team. They’ll be delighted to show you the Elixir. 

Benefits for your flight trainng

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