The first aircraft entirely designed for ATO/FTO requirements.

The aircraft you really need

Increase your bottom line

Elixir operating cost
Older generations
operating cost

*fuel and maintenance

Ready for the Airline Environment

• Keep the aircraft in the sky not in the shop
• Full Glass modern flight deck
• Oleo strut landing gear, absorb those hard landings
• 4 hour 1 person for 100hour check

Your students and their safety
• Anti burst fuel tank
• Double slotted flaps,
• Oleo strut landing gear
• And if all else fails BRS parachute.

Safest and most economical aircraft on the market

At an operating cost of just 40€/$60 (fuel and maintenance) per hour, the Elixir is a cost-killer for your ATO.

In figures, 4hr and one individual for a 100hr check. Minimize downtime, maximize profitability. With fewer parts, reliability is elevated, and maintenance is streamlined.

Join the green revolution with the Elixir, setting new benchmarks in eco-conscious aviation. 

By utilizing unleaded petrol and a low fuel consumption, it slashes your carbon footprint up to 70% compared to conventional fleets. Additionally, its certified structure devoid of a lifespan limit ensures longevity.

The Elixir offers, thanks to new technologies, the maximum level of safety on board a training aircraft. From its robust oleo-pneumatic landing gear to the certified spin-resistant design, the inclusion of a parachute as standard and a crash worthy fuel tank, every facet is calibrated to withstand training and the learning curve. 

The Elixir can transit from initial training, cruising at 100kt while consuming 10L/hr – 2.63 US gal/hr, to navigation flights where it cruises at 125kt for a fuel consumption of 15L/hr – 3.95 US gal/hr. Its 7 hours autonomy will be perfect for training session with your pilot students. 

Full Glass Cockpit
Ergonomic modern cockpit, to reduce pilot workload.

Glass cockpits are completely part of today's and tomorrow's aviation landscape. The Full Glass Garmin configuration allows the instructor to teach in optimal conditions.
The simplified reading of flight parameters allows a better focus on piloting.

Crash-worthy fuel tank
1 fuel tank.

The fuel tank is designed to endure to the most brutal impacts, protecting you from explosions. The foam inside acts as an additionnal safety layer and avoids slushing during the flight. Moreover, the OneShot eliminates the need to manage separate fuel tanks. Say goodbye to balance problems and to fuel managing mistakes.
As simpler is often better, both the pitch and the rpm are managed by a single lever. All of that while taking advantage from excellent performances in all corners of the flight domain.

Balistic parachute

The Elixir was designed to be put in all hands. Because everyone deserves a second chance, the BRS ballistic parachute ensures an ultimate safety level and is included as standard on all Elixir aircrafts.

Angle of Attack Indicator.

The angle of attack indicator is an instrument that provides you a reliable indication of the situation of your aircraft, regardless of its weight and speed.
When the incidence becomes critical, the orange and then red chevrons light up and an audio alarm sounds, warning the pilot of the dangerous situation.

Landing gear
A heavy-duty landing gear.

Hard landing? No problem, the oleopneumatic landing gear equiped with Beringer wheels and brakes offers you a high level of safety and comfort with each landing.

What our clients say.

Safety in all conditions.
Unrivaled cost-efficiency.
Unmatched versatility.
The Elixir : a green aircraft

Fly greener with the 4th generation PART-23 aircraft.

With lower CO2 emissions and less noise thanks to its propeller (…), the Elixir has been designed to meet the new environmental challenges.

Reduce your carbon footprint by up to 70% compared with a conventional fleet.

Are you looking to renew your fleet of flight training aircraft? Book a discovery day with our team. They’ll be delighted to show you the Elixir.

Benefits for your flight trainng

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