Fly greener with the 
4th generation PART-23 

About the environmental impact

Lowered environmental footprint.

With lower CO2 emissions and less noise thanks to its propeller (…), the Elixir has been designed to meet the new environmental challenges. 

GREENER aviation

Modern engine

Elixir Aircraft offers a certified aircraft with up to 70% less CO2 emissions (compared to the consumption of single-engine piston engines worldwide). With its Rotax 912iS (100HP), the Elixir uses unleaded gasoline that is less harmful to the environment and consumes only between 10 and 15L/h (2.63 – 3.95 US gal/h).

greener aviation

4th generation airframe

The Elixir has a Reduced weight due to carbon fiber and simplified design, so less power is required. Less power required means less consumption, so less pollution. 

GREENER aviation

Drag reduction

The drag reduction of the Elixir is made with a more aerodynamic surface designed on CATIA and made possible thanks to OneShot carbon.

greener aviation

Lower noise

The Elixir is equipe with 3-blade propeller that has a reduced diameter and an optimised exhaust pipe. This means less noise for pilots, but also for the surrounding area. 

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