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 The Elixir is the perfect 2 seater training aircraft.

The Elixir was designed to answer the needs of today’s flight schools. Our purchase and rental offers allow you to get access to the latest technologies, with unbeatable performances and operating costs. By choosing the Elixir, you are choosing a modern, safe and profitable tool.


Unmatched safety

OneShot. BRS parachute. And much more.

Reduced costs

Fewer parts, fewer costs.

Ultimate versatility

Travel or training, it’s up to you.


Cruise speed up to


Autonomy up to


CS-23 allows





The best of general aviation.

Certified under EASA CS-23 and soon FAA FAR-23, the Elixir guarantees the highest safety standards in general aviation. The IFR capability combined with engines allowing cruise speeds up to 170kts (with Rotax 915iS) simplifies the training path, from ab-initio to CPL and its complex navigations. Introducing the simplest conception ever seen on a certified light aircraft, the Elixir provides an unmatched versatility with TCO’s starting from $37/h. The simplified design reduces the need for maintenance, improving safety and availability while reducing the costs.


Take off with serenity.


Elixir in formation flight

Safety, without compromise.

Because safety is our top priority, we developed the Elixir to avoid structural failures. The Elixir is the first carbon aircraft made with the OneShot technology. Without screws, rivets or glue, you are assured to use an aircraft that will go through the years without failures.


A heavy-duty landing gear.

Hard landing? No problem, the oleopneumatic landing gear equiped with Béringer wheels and brakes offers you a foolproof safety and comfort level. At each landing, you will feel its comfort and robustness.


The Elixir's 110L unique fuel tank combined with the Rotax engine provides an exceptional autonomy, up to 7h.

Your mistakes are forgiven.

The Elixir airfoil was designed with a dedicated profile to keep full aileron control until the complete stall with an optimal behaviour to protect you from unexpected spin departure.


1 aircraft, 1 parachute.

The Elixir was designed to be put in all hands. And because everyone deserves a second chance, the BRS ballistic parachute ensures an ultimate safety level.

The BRS parachute on the Elixir elevates your safety at an unmatched level.


The Elixir features a unique 110L fuel tank, allowing you to fly up to 7h.

Fuel tank: unique in all meanings.

The fuel tank is designed to endure to the most brutal impacts, protecting you from explosions. The foam inside acts as an additionnal safety layer and avoids slushing during the flight.




OneShot: the best of carbon fiber, improved.

Maintenance costs are resulting from complex structures and the amount of spare parts. The more spare parts, the more expensive. There are less than 600 references for all the Elixir, compared to more than 17.000 on most aircraft in the same category. More than 95% of the Elixir is made of OneShot carbon fiber pieces. No spar, no ribs, no stringers, no rivets, no screws. OneShot elements only require a quick visual check, you will save time and money.



Unbeatable cost per hour.

Thanks to OneShot and to the Rotax engine, you will reach costs never seen before on a certified aircraft. Between 2.6 and 3.2gal/h for basic training and 4.2gal/h for advanced navigation. It’s up to 70% savings compared to most aircrafts used for training. And because you are flying with a Rotax engine, you know there is no compromise on reliability.



1 aircraft does the job of one fleet.


The Elixir answers to 100% of flight schools’ needs. May it be for training or cross-country flights, your Elixir is the essential tool for your growth. Thanks to its upcoming CS-23 certification that will open the doors of NVFR and IFR, there is no need to invest in aircraft dedicated for each mission. With the Elixir, standardization of your fleet will allow you to depreciate your investment sooner, but also to get new students thanks to its attractiveness.

The 280kg payload of the Elixir includes 25kg for luggage. You do not have to choose between, passenger, fuel and luggage anymore.


Simplicity, efficiency

The specifications of the aircraft have been elaborated with the FFA (Fédération Française Aéronautique), which ensures you to aquire an aircraft perfectly fitting your needs. The Elixir is an aircraft to be put in all hands, train ab-initio to experienced pilot.


Cockpit designed for training

Ergonomic cockpit rhymes with easier formation.

Glass cockpits are completely part of today’s and tomorrow’s aviation landscape. The Garmin G3X in central position allows the instructor to teach in optimal conditions.
The simplified reading of flight parameters allows a better focus on piloting. For those who prefer certified analogic instruments, they are included on the pilot’s side.


1 fuel tank. 0 omission.

The unique fuel tank developed thanks to OneShot eliminates the need to manage separate fuel tanks. Say goodbye to balance problems and to fuel managing mistakes.
And because the simpler is often the better, both the pitch and the rpm are managed by a single lever. All of that while taking advantage from excellent performances in all corners of the flight domain.


You will get to love it.


The maintenance on the Elixir is easier, faster and cheaper than any other certified aircraft.

Count to 4. You’re done.

All systems are accessible from hatches. No more hours spent in your aircraft to dismount the cabin to access the fuel system. On the Elixir, you just need to remove 4 screws under the aircraft to access it. All the elements are mounted on a removable plate that can be taken away to work beside the aircraft. Same for the flaps, ailerons, trims and landing gear systems.


The parachute: too easy.

The parachute and its rocket are located under the engine’s cowling, in their own compartment. If you need to maintain it, just remove the cowling.


Everyone can fly the Elixir. Safety is the core of our philosophy, you are assured to take off with serenity.

OneShot. An aptly named concept.

About the airframe maintenance, everything got easier with OneShot. With only 600 spare parts, maintenance on a certified aircraft has never been easier. And because 95% of the Elixir is made of OneShot carbon parts, you will spend less time on maintenance and more time in the sky. All of this while saving money.



Towing is good, towing efficiently and at a cheaper cost is better.


Half of our team are glider pilots and Nicolas Mahuet, our Chief of Design Office has already designed several towing aircraft. Aware of the problems triggered by the aging fleet of towing aircrafts in Europe. We are proposing a glider towing version of the Elixir. Higher climb rates even for heavier gliders, an improved safety and a reduced fuel consumption.
More towings, in better conditions.
What else ?



  • Certification: EASA CS-23
  • Seats: 2
  • Luggage: 55lbs (in the dedicated luggage area)
  • Fuel (Auto Gas or AvGas or UL91) in a unique fuel tank (without switch)
  • Cruise speed (912iS): 125kts
  • Endurance: 6h
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