Program assessment

Program assessment

Thanks to ideal weather conditions during all the summer, the Elixir’s prototype is approaching the hundred of flight hours, while giving us full satisfaction.

If you have a sharp eye, the latest additions to the aircraft have certainly catched your attention. A keel under the fuselage, fences on the wing’s upper surface and a new air intake.


You already know it: at Elixir Aircraft, zero compromise when it comes to safety. Each of these elements are resulting from this summer’s flight tests.

The Elixir is meant to be put in all hands. Now, it is even safer and will be forgiving rookie pilots while delighting the most experienced ones.


You won’t fear the spin anymore.
In case of mistake, fences are especially important during the last turn, at low speed. They avoid entering into a spin.
Their aim is to prevent the post stall turbulent air flow to reach the ailerons. Thanks to the association with the evolutive wing profile, aileron control remains efficient during stall.
Easy at all speeds.
Cruising up to 180kts, the Elixir plays in another category. The keel guarantees a smooth yaw damping from stall to VNE!
Air intake
Stay fresh.
Thanks to its new air intake, the Elixir can stand long holding during summer’s heatwaves! Associated with the heat regulator, the aircraft can also handle winter’s high altitude flights!

Le cokpit de l'Elixir, avec le Garmin G3X en position centrale.
What’s next?
During the upcoming months, the team is going to pursue its certification activities but also intensify finishes and industrialization activities.
Finishes are all about the little details that will make the Elixir a 100% achieved aircraft: integration of an angle of attack (AoA) indicator in the panel, handgrips to facilitate onboard access, footstools, bagage cover, oil level hatches…
On the industrialization aspect, a lot of things are on their way: ranges creation, suppliers selection… the team is growing, we are looking for engineers and technicians to support our growth.
As a reminder, we are currently counting 52 pre-orders, the last ones being from Aéroclub du Limousin. The pre-order is only 2,500€, fully refundable without conditions. The pre-order backlog is full until mid-2022.
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