Brand launch and new aircraft

Brand launch and new aircraft

A French two-seater plane, a symbol of serenity accessible to all, unveiled during Le Bourget Airshow

– Better/Improved safety

– Optimum comfort and ergonomic

– Easy Piloting

– Reduced workload

– European certification

– Innovative building/manufacturing technology

– Unique/single anti-deflagration fuel tank

– Unequalled payload

Elixir Aircraft introduces the novelty of the decade during Le Bourget Air Show : a certified plane able to put safety and performance within everyone’s reach. It takes advantages of all the developments and innovations of the last years to assemble all the qualities and performance that a private pilot may wish for. First flight planned in 2016.

IMPROVED BY TECHNOLOGY – Composite materials and intelligent processes allow us to build a safer, faster and more efficient aircraft.

The aircraft is innovating in many ways, the most impressive of which is the building approach: it consists in a new process inherited from nautical sports state-of-the-art technology which enables us to suppress all the critical stages of structural bondings. The internal geometry of the wing is also innovating: long wing spar boxes permitting an optimal distribution of stress flows in the prepreg carbon fibers that compose the whole plane. This leads to a level of structural safety no one ever reached before.

PLEASURE MADE EASIER – Pilots and mechanics workload dramatically reduced

The work load is made minimal thanks to a large touch screen cockpit, an automatic pilot, a single engine/propeller throttle, and electric flaps. Moreover, at Elixir Aircraft we have created a unique wing tank able to carry the whole 110L of fuel with no need for a tank selector.

DESIGN AROUND YOU – The pilot fully enjoys his environment

The up-market ergonomics and finish of the aircraft cockpit were imagined by car designers. Access aboard and visibility were particularly taken care of. The plane will also be equipped with air conditioning and innovating tablet supports.

WILD OUTSIDE, SAFE INSIDE – With our aircraft we allow people to travel and meet beautiful landscape of the world in a permanent security

With the plane on wheels, the pilot will discover the outstanding comfort and safety of the oleo pneumatic landing gear (undercarriage) combined with standard Béringer® brakes. This and the double-slotted flaps will give easy access to the most demanding landing strips without any specific training. In case of a major problem the plane will safely come down to the ground under its parachute. And should the worse happen, in case of crash the anti-blast fuel tank will prevent a conflagration.

FORGET THE PAST, FLY FORWARD – First ultra-efficient certified light aircraft

You hesitate between a kit plane, a microlight aircraft, an old certified plane? Hesitate no more, Elixir is a certified aircraft that combines all the advantages in flight and leaves their shortcomings on the ground.

Still not convinced ? Take a look at the plane’s performance : 280 km/h for a fuel consumption of 5 L per 100 km. Standard flight endurance is 7 hours and the payload of 280 kg is unequalled. Enough to travel all over Europe with real luggage!


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