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Safety in all condition.

The Elixir Aircraft represents a pioneering era in aviation safety, leveraging cutting-edge technology and detailed engineering to establish a new benchmark for secure and reliable flight training and air travel. With state-of-the-art avionics ensuring precise navigation and collision avoidance, a robust airframe crafted from advanced composite materials, and comprehensive safety redundancies, the Elixir stands as a paragon of resilience and fail-safe design.


Already EASA CS-23 certified and soon FAA FAR Part-23 certified, the Elixir guarantees the highest standards of safety in general aviation. 

The certification guarantees compliance with the highest safety standards in 5 areas: flight behaviour, structure, power plant, avionics and electrical installation. As a regulator independent of the manufacturer, the certification organism follows each stage of an aircraft’s life, from its design to its certification and followed by its airworthiness.


4th generation airframe

The OneShot is a technology that has been used for more than 15 years in competitive sailing. This technique consists of designing and manufacturing complex elements (such as a wing) without complex structural assemblies. For example, the wing of the Elixir is made without ribs or spars. Traditional mechanical assemblies such as screwing, riveting and gluing are eliminated. Elixir Aircraft is the first company in the world to design an entire wing (full span) entirely in OneShot. The fuselage, canopy arch and control surfaces (ailerons, flaps and vertical stabilizer) are also made in OneShot

This absence of assembly is the main difference compared to all the composite aircraft you can see. These are all made up of hundreds of parts, manufactured in moulds and then glued together. We talk about « black metal », metal parts are reproduced in composite. In the case of OneShot, Elixir Aircraft take advantage of the composite to make everything in one operation, eliminating the hassle of assemblies.


There are many benefits coming from OneShot. Fewer parts and fewer assemblies mean fewer failures and less maintenance! At the same time, safety is enhanced by the simplicity of the structure and performance is improved by the reduced weight.



Inadvertent Spin Resistant

To limit loss of control, it’s always better not to enter a spin than to exit one.

The Elixir’s wing has a progressive profile, the first 2
thirds of the wing (from the root) are designed for cruising performance, the last third (up to thenwingtip) is particularly effective at low speed. This allows you to permanently keep control of the ailerons. The wing fences accentuate this phenomenon by imiting the propagation of turbulent airflow to the ailerons.

During the stall, the aircraft remains controllable at all
times. As part of the CS-23 certification, Elixir Aircraft hasconducted hundreds of tests to demonstrate the safety of the Elixir at low speeds. A very demonstrative  flight test consists of stalling the aircraft and, while keeping the stick at the nose-up position, successively tilting the aircraft 30° to the right and then left, before bringing the wings back to a flat position. Then simply release the pressure on the stick to recover from the stall, without any divenor resource. This is a certification test, only test pilots are allowed to perform this manoeuvre voluntarily. A descriptive video is available on the Elixir Aircraft YouTube channel. 


Airframe parachute

Because everyone deserves a second chance.

The BRS parachute is included as standard in the Elixir. It is an additional safety, added independently of the certification requirements. 





Crash-worthy fuel tank

Its explosion-proof design (pocket and foam) increases safety in the eventuality of a forced landing, with or without a parachute. The Elixir’s fuel tank is designed to reduce tossing. In addition to the foam, it is equipped with anti-return valves, ensuring an homogeneous distribution of fuel and a stable supply in all phases of flight. The Elixir is equipped with a single 94L tank. Forget the selector switch and the need to switch from one tank to the other during flight.



Double-slotted electric flaps

The flap system is simple and reliable, its motor is electric in order to control the speed of the flaps and to avoid any sudden or involuntary retraction of the flaps. Its design prevents any asymmetrical extension. The flap position is indicated live on the Garmin G3X. The design of the Elixir also reduces ground effect, allowing you to land on shorter distances.



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