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Welcome to the 4th generation.




FAA Part-23*

The best of general aviation.

Already EASA CS-23 certified and soon FAA Part-23 certified, the Elixir guarantees the highest standards of safety in general aviation. Its unmatched versatility is perfectly suited to training missions from ab-initio to CPL, or simply personal travel. By introducing the simplest design ever seen on a light aircraft, you can now fly with unmatched safety and at unbeatable cost.



OneShot carbon airframe: fewer parts, fewer failures, no corrosion, no decaying.

Spin-resistant: to limit loss of control, it’s always better not to enter a spin than to exit one. In 2018, 22% of accidents occur as a result of a loss of control(1) (ASTM F3180)

Ballistic parachute with opening up to VNE, essential safety in emergency situations. 14% of accidents were due to engine failure or malfunction, and 1% were due to a collision or near-collision.(1)

Garmin® GI260 AoA indicator: live visualisation of your incidence until the stall. Better awareness of your flight situation. 22% of accidents happen because of a loss of control.(1)

"Crash worthy" fuel tank, reducing the risk of fire following a crash. 6% of accidents occur as a result of a postimpact fire.(1)

Reinforced oleo-pneumatic landing gear and combined nose wheel, wide track and low center of gravity : minimised bounce. 12% of accidents result from a loss of control on the ground and 16% from a runway excursion. (1)

Double-slotted electric flaps: Reduction of ground effect. 20% of accidents are related to abnormal contact with the ground. (1)

Effective ailerons even after stall: High maneuverability and strong crosswind resistance. In 2018, 22% of accidents happen due to loss of control. (1)

High performance Beringer wheels with hydraulic differential disc brakes and armored hoses. 16% of accidents are due to a runway excursion. (1)

Black box (flight parameters only) : In 2018, 13% of accidents were not solved. (1)

Garmin® Smart Glide


OneShot carbon airframe: fewer parts, lower maintenance costs. No maintenance against decaying or corrosion.

Calorstat : Reduction of warm up time and holding of constant temperatures. Protection of the engine against thermal shocks.

Certified lithium battery, ideal for training and intensive use, better durability and great autonomy.

Easy maintenance thanks to large access hatches.

Use of unleaded fuel: significant savings compared to the 100LL, no lead pollution, no 50h visit.


Garmin G3X touch 10.6": systems fusion on a single screen (XPDR, radios, GPS, engine parameters moteur, flight parameters).

Full Glass Cockpit: Dual Garmin® G3X Touch 10.6’ (2), Garmin® GTN 750NXi (2), Garmin® G5 (2), Garmin® GNC 355 (2), Garmin® GMC 507 (2). Systems fusion (XPDR, radios, GPS, engine parameters, flight parameters). Streamlined dashboard for improved ergonomics: workload reduction and quicker visual circuit..

3-blade propeller, hydraulic variable pitch with single lever control. Reduced workload.

Neighborhood protection and noise reduction: Rotax engine, 3-blade propeller with reduced diameter (156cm).

Single fuel tank inside the wing without a selector: Simplified fuel management and minimal influence on the center of gravity.

StartAssist : automated start sequence, start the Elixir like a car.

Vertical AND longitudinal seat adjustment, electric longitudinal rudder adjustment : Ideal to accommodate all morphologies, from 1.50m to 2.05m.

Certified aeronautical seatbelts with retractors.

Easy on-board access : wide step, strong backrests (sitting allowed on the backrest), handles on the dashboard, lowered cockpit sides.

Integrated tablet docks (3), glove boxes, 4 USB outlets: ergonomic and comfort.

Large luggage compartment : easy to access, located behind the seats, up to 55.11 lbs (25kgs).

An aircraft for all your missions : Initial training at 100kts, eco cruise at 125kts, high climb rate: 800 to 1.300 ft/min

IFR capability soon


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Drapeau de l'Europe
This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement n°872440.
The Region and the European Union are supporting the Elixir Aircraft project as part of the European Union's stimulus package in response to the COVID-19 pandemic under the ERDF/ESF (Aquitaine/Limousin/Poitou-Charente) Operational Program 2014-2020.