Second participation in EAA AirVenture Oshkosh!

Second participation in EAA AirVenture Oshkosh!

For its second appearance at EAA AirVenture (Oshkosh), the Elixir Aircraft team showcased the Elixir 140hp and an Elixir in the colours of Sierra Charlie Aviation School, which has pre-ordered 100 aircraft.

Here’s a summary of the announcements made at the event. 

Elixir Aircraft- Growing globally, eyeing America

Since EAA Airventure Oshkosh 2022, Elixir Aircraft has quickly become a leader in the global training aircraft market. Sales orders are taking off, investment is pouring in and constant hiring is taking place. Elixir is filling a much-needed element of general aviation: new, more efficient, safer, and technologically advanced aircraft.

Recapping the past 12 months, Elixir co-founder Cyril Champenois explains: “Elixir has seen monumental growth since last years’ EAA Airventure. On the sales side, we have added dozens of aero clubs, flight schools and private pilots to the Elixir family. There are too many to list all, but include the Airbus Flight Academy, Mermoz and other FTOs in countries like Luxembourg, Italy and New Zealand, with many more to come.”

“In America, Sierra Charlie Aviation ordered more than 100 Elixir Full Glass Cockpit 100HP aircraft. Florida based Cirrus Aviation also increased their order to 10 aircraft. This is in addition to other pre-orders received from other Americans. Moreover, we are hoping to receive FAA Part 23 certification soon so we can start to deliver these aircraft to our US customers,” adds Champenois.

Elixir Aircraft and Sierra Charlie Aviation collaboration after 100+ aircraft order

Elixir Aircraft, the 4th Generation aircraft manufacturer, is delighted to announce closer collaboration with Scottsdale Arizona based Sierra Charlie Aviation. Sierra Charlie will provide maintenance support for Elixir Aircraft’s West Coast USA based clients, while the two companies will also collaborate on new educational and training materials.

Sierra Charlie Aviation recently ordered more than 100 Elixir aircraft.

Future of General Aviation: Insights from Elixir Aircraft  

Elixir Aircraft, an aircraft manufacturer built on innovation, sees SAF as the initial key component to make General Aviation more sustainable in the near term. However, Elixir, already known for their innovative airframe, are constantly researching new products and technology, like hydrogen, to integrate into their aircraft and the industry.

Elixir Aircraft’s research and development has not stopped since the company was formed in the early 2010s. Their most recent announcement, at last month’s Paris Air Show, was the Elixir Turbine prototype dedicated to decarbonising aviation. Developed as part of a CORAC program in collaboration with Air Liquide, Safran, Daher and Turbotech, the program aims to accelerate the launch of innovative, more environmentally-friendly aircraft powered firstly by biofuel and then by hydrogen. The Elixir prototype integrates Turbotech’s SAF-burning TP90 turbine engine producing 160hp. Test flights are scheduled to take place around the end of the year.

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