Private Pilots

Private Pilots

The Elixir, a safe and polyvalentent 2 seater aircraft for private pilots.

An affordable, modern and safe aircraft? The Elixir was developed to fulfill these 3 needs while ensuring an unbeatable polyvalence.
An escape in Corsica? Some fresh air need in the Alps? May it be for travel or for tourism above your city, the only question you will ask yourself is where to fly.






Structural failures are the result of complex assemblies. OneShot allows us to create a simpler, safer and more duable aircraft. Its airframe is made without glue, screws or rivets. The result: an airframe made of only 8 parts. No corrosion, no air bubbles in the glue, no wood deterioration… All of this for unbeatable operating costs.

Everyone can fly the Elixir. Safety is the core of our philosophy, you are assured to take off with serenity.

Take off with serenity

The Elixir airfoil was designed with a dedicated profile to keep full aileron control until the complete stall with an optimal behaviour to protect you from unexpected spin departure.


Fuel tank : unique in all meanings.

The unique fuel tank is filled with anti-explosion and anti-tossing foam, assuring a flight as smooth and safe as possible. And because there is only one fuel tank, no need to switch from one tank to another. No careless mistake possible.

The Elixir features a unique 110L fuel tank, allowing you to fly up to 7h.


The BRS parachute on the Elixir elevates your safety at an unmatched level.
1 aircraft, 1 parachute.

The unexpected can happen to anyone. This is why we decided to integrate a BRS ballistic parachute as soon as we started the conception of the Elixir. And because everyone should fly safe, it is available as standard on all our aircrafts.


CS-23: the best of general aviation.

The Elixir is EASA CS-23 certified, the ultimate guarantee of safety and quality. It complies with the latest version of the most restrictive European regulations for light aircraft.

The Elixir is certified in the highest light aircraft category, the same category as the main worldwide leader. By doing so, we are complying with the most demanding standards in terms of safety.



Easier, better.

The cockpit of the Elixir is the most simple you can find in a certified aircraft today. The Garmin G3X merges all flight parameters in one screen.

Simplicity at your fingertips.

Aviation is usually synonym of complex cockpits filled with gauges, buttons and switches. Not in the Elixir. Flight parameters, engine parameters, NAV/COM, GPS, autopilot: everything is accessible from the Garmin G3X’s tactile display. All you need is right here. For the lovers of analogic instruments, we also included classic gauges on the pilot’s side. And because simplicity is our goal, we included a single lever that manages both the engine and the propeller’s pitch.


French Touch adepts. Even in the cockpit.

Safety and affordability rhyme with design. Proud of our nautical roots, we designed an aircraft with sleek lines, distinguishing with its T-tail. The large canopy mounted on a ultra rigid structure ensures a clear vision of the environment. We worked with professionnals of the automotive industry to bring you a modern and familiar cockpit. You will find tablets supports on both sides of the Garmin G3X, featuring USB outputs. The times using an iPad on your knees or an always-falling suction cup are over.

By choosing the Elixir, you are choosing an aircraft that really reflects yourself.


Thanks to its conception, the Elixir allows you to customize absolutely every aspect of the livery.

Infinite customization.

The Elixir’s conception allows you to chose among a wide panel of paint color and scheme on the carbon airframe. You can create the livery that you always dreamed about. Why don’t you change from one year to another?


It’s up to you.

Polyvalence meets performance.

May it be to fly above your region or to escape for a weekend at the other side of the continent, you will always have the guarantee to do it in the best conditions. EASA CS-23 certification opens the doors of NVFR and IFR. The weather will not be a barrier to you departure or arrival schedule anymore. No matter the length of your trip, you will be able to let the autopilot available as an option handle the flight.

The 280kg payload of the Elixir includes 25kg for luggage. You do not have to choose between, passenger, fuel and luggage anymore.


The Elixir's 110L unique fuel tank combined with the Rotax engine provides an exceptional autonomy, up to 7h.

1 fuel tank. Thousands of possibilities.

OneShot allowed us to install a fuel tank assuring an exceptional autonomy. We have chosen to fill it with foam to limit tossing and to avoid explosions. Combined ith the Rotax 912iS or 915iS, you will enjoy more than 6h of autonomy. And because there is only one fuel tank, you don’t have to worry about switching from one fuel tank to another. Your only concern will be to choose a destination.


Spend more time flying.

When maintenance becomes pleasant.

The unique conception around OneShot allows you to reduce both the number of spare parts but also the time spent to work on the aircraft. Our hatches system enables a quick and easy access to all systems: fuel system or ailerons connecting rods will not be your nightmare anymore.

Carbon only requires a quick visual inspection. That’s all. And because more than 95% of the Elixir is made of carbon, you will avoid spending hours verifying your aircraft’s structure. The result: your aircraft has cheaper operating costs and you can fly more often.

The maintenance on the Elixir is easier, faster and cheaper than any other certified aircraft.



  • Certification: EASA CS-23
  • Seats: 2
  • Luggage: 55lbs (in the dedicated luggage area)
  • Cruise speed (912iS): 125kts
  • Endurance: 6h
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