Elixir Aircraft - Launch of the discovery days

Discovery days have started!



The discovery days were launched one month ago, since then the flights followed each other from the airport of La Rochelle - Ile de Ré.

With more than 110 pre-orders, our schedule is full and we are looking forward to making those who trust us discover the Elixir. This experience is an opportunity to discover the many aspects that make the Elixir a unique aircraft, at the origin of the 4th generation of light aircraft.

When it comes to the program of the discovery days, we begin with a detailed presentation in the briefing room, followed by an in-depth pre-flight visit and a cockpit introduction to get familiar with the Elixir's ergonomics. Then comes the long-awaited moment, the first flight aboard the 4th generation light aircraft. Beyond the view of the Ile de Ré, it is above all a matter of reviewing all the qualities of our aircraft.

Ease of start-up, take-off distance, climb rate, cruise speed, fuel consumption, safe stall behaviour, manoeuvrability, use of the AoA indicator and ground manoeuvrability are all aspects that Arthur is introducing to our bookers.

You have not pre-ordered yet? No problem, new slots will be available soon. Contact us to find out more about the discovery days!





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