Elixir Aircraft - First Flight!!

Fresh air is blowing on the french light aircraft aviation! The Elixir just took-off!

At 10:30am, Daniel Serres, Elixir Aircraft's test pilot, seats down in the Elixir. After 5 days of ground tests, the D days is there. Fox Romeo Whiskey Lima X-ray Romeo, taxing for a flight test. Daniel lets the Ryanair Boeing 737 taking-off and takes place on the La Rochelle airport's runway. A U-turn and the aircraft is line-up. A last call to the control tower and the green light is given, X-ray Romeo clear for take-off. Quickly the wheel leaves the ground. An incredible moment where the team doesn't realize, the Elixir is flying!
The aircraft climbs to 5,000ft and disappears in the blue sky. 45min later, it is back on the airfield. Everything went very well. The Elixir will take-off 2 hours later for another flight before to reach its new destination: the ULM Blois airshow, by the road this time.

Hurry up to pre-order (with no obligation), deliveries for 2018 are already fully booked! It's HERE!

Stay tuned
Arthur Léopold-Léger - Nicolas Mahuet - Cyril Champenois

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