Elixir Aircraft - Airbus Flight Academy Europe, a confident order for Elixir Aircraft

Airbus Flight Academy Europe, a confident order for Elixir Aircraft

  • Four aircraft ordered by Airbus Flight Academy Europe
  • Long-term support
  • A decision for the future

As part of its sustainable development strategy, Airbus Flight Academy Europe has chosen to order 4 Elixir aircraft in order to gradually reduce the environmental impact of its fleet.

Four aircraft ordered

Airbus Flight Academy Europe, whose new campus is being inaugurated today - on 2 March 2022 - will acquire 4 Elixir aircraft produced entirely at Elixir Aircraft's 2 production sites in Charente-Maritime. The qualities of the Elixir, in particular its reduced impact on the environment, have convinced Airbus Flight Academy Europe: its ecological sobriety (ultra frugal consumption and greatly reduced noise pollution), economic sobriety (competitive operating cost), maximum safety (parachute and anti-explosion tank). Airbus Flight Academy Europe will have the most modern EASA-certified CS-23 two-seater on the market to train its future airline pilots.

Long-term support

Beyond the satisfaction of the sale itself, it is above all a relationship of trust that is established with the training of the pilot instructors and mechanics, as well as the supply of spare parts. Elixir Aircraft will play an essential role in maintaining the Elixir fleet of Airbus Flight Academy Europe in operational condition, with the advantage of being based 1.5 hours from the school's site. In addition, the company from La Rochelle will provide after-sales service for the flight school.

A decision with a bright future

The decision of Airbus, the world leader in transport aviation, confirms Elixir Aircraft in its strategic and technical choices. Faced with a growing shortage of airline pilots and the obsolescence of the world's fleet of training aircraft, light aviation must modernise with 4th generation aircraft such as the Elixir.

They said :

Arthur Léopold-Léger, CEO & co-founder of Elixir Aircraft : « It is a real satisfaction for our teams that a big name like Airbus Flight Academy Europe has ordered 4 aircraft from us. We can't wait to see the aircraft in flight and in training! I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Airbus Flight Academy Europe on the inauguration of its new campus in Champniers today, well done to them! »
Jean Longobardi, President of Airbus Flight Academy Europe : «The choice of the Elixir Aircraft is fully in line with the global strategy of sustainable development aiming at a progressive decarbonisation of the training delivered by Airbus Flight Academy Europe. The qualities of the Elixir and the dynamism of this young company from La Rochelle have totally convinced us. We can't wait to line up the first Elixir in our colours on the car park! »

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