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Price of the Elixir: only 180.000€ VAT included

BRS Parachute, Garmin G3X, Béringer wheels & brakes, FADEC, Tablet docks, MT Propeller propeller, Electric trim, Double slot flaps, unique 110L fuel tank.

The optional 140HP version with the Rotax 915iS and the autopilot is only 200.000€ VAT included.*

The only true polyvalent aircraft available on the market. We are getting a lot of interest and the booking list is quickly growing. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


Price of the Elixir: only 180.000€ VAT included

Renting is ideal for clubs or owners who fly a lot. Do you fly at least 240 hours a year? Then you are eligible to our rental offer! The rate of 70€/h is calculated on a 30h/month basis, which is 360h/year. Only 1 year of commitment. No need for a bank loan or cash flow. Treat yourself to an attractive aircraft to boost your activity.

100% availability, how does it works?

The guaranteed availability is allowed thanks to a 30 identical aircraft fleet. We replace your Elixir starting its maintenance by another one ready to fly. Immobilizations are belonging to the past. Just fly.

  It is easy to preorder an Elixir


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The Elixir – Premium two seater certified aircraft (EASA CS-23)

Performance Specifications:

  • Certification: Aircraft will meet or exceed the requirements as established by the EASA CS-23
  • Seats: 2
  • Luggage: 25kg (in the luggage dedicated area)
  • Fuel (Auto Gas or Av Gas or UL91 ): 110L in a unique fuel tank
  • Speed(912iS): 130kts @75%
  • Endurance: 7h

Standards equipements:

  • OneShot composite airframe (no glue, no rivets, no screws)
  • Evolutive wing profile
  • Rotax 912iS (Injection Engine) 100HP engine
  • MT propeller (certified propeller)
  • Unique (no switch) anti-deflagration fuel tank
  • Garmin G3X Glass cockpit (including GPS, EMS, EFIS…)
  • Garmin VHF (8.33) and Transponder (Mode S)
  • Beringer wheels and brakes
  • Oleopneumatic landing gear
  • Global airplane parachute by BRS
  • Integrated tablet dock
  • Adjustable individual seats and rudder pedals
  • Traditional flight instrumentation: Airspeed, Altimeter, Compass

Equipment proposed as an option

  • Rotax 915iS 140HP turbo engine
  • Garmin autopilot

Documentation Standard :

  • Pilot Operating Handbook (POH)
  • Airworthiness Certificate
  • Weight and balance data



Price given as an indication, subject to modification without notice.

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