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About Elixir Aircraft

Elixir Aircraft, a company based in La Rochelle with more than 80 employees, was created in 2015 to meet the challenges of the French light aviation sector. The objective of the French SME: to make safer, more economical, more environment-friendly  and more versatile aircraft. Complexity is the current reason why older generation aircraft suffer from failures (technical or human) and are expensive to operate (fuel consumption and maintenance). Elixir Aircraft employs a technology from the world of competitive sailing, the Oneshot Carbon, to simplify the structures. More simplicity means fewer failures, therefore more safety, but also fewer maintenance, and lower costs (estimates of 40€/h of fuel and maintenance)... At the end of 2021, Elixir Aircraft opened a new production site in order to internalize the entire production of carbon parts.

Arthur LÉOPOLD-LÉGER, a polyvalent leader

Arthur has always been a passionate person. From top level sailing to flying, his multifaceted experience enabled him to build up a vast amount of knowledge. Having passed his pilot license at the age of 16, Arthur is a well-seasoned pilot. Between test flights and deliveries of various aircraft all over Europe, as well as flights on behalf of his former customers, he can boast 1000 hours of piloting. Arthur notably took part in the young pilots' “Tour De France Aérien”.

Beyond his passion for piloting Arthur is also a technician. He was trained as an aerospace engineer at Kinston University near London and holds the aeronautical maintenance national license (LNMA). In the past ten years Arthur has assembled about twenty aircraft; he has also been in charge of the follow-up work on about a hundred machines, thus getting the best and widest knowledge of the market expectations.

Otherwise Arthur is a highly skilled skipper. During six years he concentrated on preparing for the Mini-Transat, a solo crossing of the Atlantic. He built his sailing boat using state-of-the-art materials and technologies, notably composite materials. With the fulfilment of his many projects Arthur is now convinced he is cut out to create his own company on the borders of sailing and aviation.

Arthur is the Elixir Aircraft’s CEO


Cyril CHAMPENOIS, a multi-talented manager

With a passion for aviation and design he headed to London with a double target on his mind: to become an aerospace engineer and to open himself to the world. During his 2 years stay at Kingston University near London he met Arthur.

Back to France with his degree, he has been hired by the DASSAULT SYSTEMES Company as an aerospace consultant. For 5 years, he travels the world, working with the most prestigious aeronautical companies (BOEING, AIRBUS, DASSAULT Aviation, THALES…).
Since his professional purpose was to help DASSAULT SYSTEMES customers to optimize their own design and production process with DASSAULT SYSTEMES tools, he could gain access to different working methods from program management, configuration management, system engineering or 3d design.

Efficient, good speaker, versatile, he used to work with C-level manager during strategic meetings.

At last Cyril is training to obtain his pilot license.

Cyril is the Elixir Aircraft’s Chief Operation Officer (COO). He is in charge of the company organization system, the production agreement or again the projects management.

Nicolas MAHUET, the Chief Technical Officer

Born with the passion for planes and engineering, Nicolas naturally chose to become an engineer and studied aeronautical mechanical system design in Toulouse. Then joined the DYNAERO Company where he achieved his training as a versatile aeronautical engineer. For 15 years there he took part in designing and bringing to life the highest performance machines on the market either in research and development, in production and in after sales operations.

At the same time Nicolas became a seasoned glider pilot keen on competitions and long range cross-country flights. As a pilot instructor he took it to heart to transmit his know-how and his experience. Also Microlight Aircraft pilot, soon to become a plane pilot, he has a national license in aeronautical maintenance and for more than 10 years he was the maintenance manager for the glider club in Dijon.

Within Elixir Aircraft, Nicolas is leading the design office.


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