bannière Elixir Aircraft

Certification work, flutter tests, structural tests, modifications of engine cowlings, rudder pedals, aileron rods, painting, upholestry... The past months have been busy, but we took the Elixir to the air again on Wednesday, March 21! Story:

It's time to reveal a little secret: In addition to changing the world of certified aviation, Elixir Aircraft was created to revolutionize the use and accessibility of this aviation. How? By offering you an innovative rental offer, conveniently summarized in two figures:

  •     100% availability
  •     70€/h (based on an average use of of 30hrs per month).

You might have seen us (maybe not), we were on French TV last week!

Really proud to be the winner of the "Young Company" award at the Emergence Trophy Ceremony!!

It has been an incredible year!!! The Elixir Aircraft team wishes you an even more extraordinary one in 2018!

The Elixir Aircraft team wishes you very happy Christmas holidays!

For latecomers, only 3 days remaining until the Christmas offer ends. The pre-order without obligation for 1,500€ instead of 2,500€!