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It's time to reveal a little secret: In addition to changing the world of certified aviation, Elixir Aircraft was created to revolutionize the use and accessibility of this aviation. How? By offering you an innovative rental offer, conveniently summarized in two figures:

  •     100% availability
  •     70€/h (based on an average use of of 30hrs per month).

A bit of history

A large part of our team grew up in close contact with aeroclubs, the FFA and especially light planes. Cyril in Chavenay, Nicolas in Dijon-Darois and the Sarthe and Maxime in Fontenay-le-Comte. But it was Arthur who took the prize by flying in Quiberon, Pontivy, Vannes, Quimper, Darois... and then participating in the Tour de France of young pilots in 2009. With a father working with the Federation and French Champion and World vice-champion of Air Rally, Arthur has been well-trained. In few words, a pure FFA product.
The team can also be proud of a very strong technical experience in maintenance and assembly. Nicolas Mahuet (co-founder) was an aeronautical engineer at the Dyn’aéro design office for 15 years. He has participated in all the company's programs. Also qualified as an approved aircraft mechanic, he was for many years the maintenance manager of the Darois glider club. Maxime Gaignet (design and aeronautical engineer) is vice-president of the Fontenay-le-Comte glider club. He's been maintaining his club's aircraft since the age of 16. Finally, Arthur, also an aeronautical engineer and aircraft mechanic, assembled about thirty MCR kits and carried out the maintenance of about a hundred aircraft.


Based on these experiences, our team has organized itself to create a polyvalent, safe and efficient plane which could offer better terms of use and services to all users, in particular aeroclubs who we see as key players in our sector of the aviation market.


Today, the economic sustainability of aeroclubs is facing many challenges: less frequent use by members, increase in maintenance time and costs, aircraft availability in decline and increasing fuel prices
Elixir pleases aeroclubs. Of the current 23 pre-orders, 11 are for clubs. Elixir Aircraft receives many requests for information on its’ rental offer.
Renting reduces the club's workload, manages its cash flow needs and allows it to concentrate on its core activity: flying!


Imagine flying in an attractive, reliable and ideal aircraft for training: from initiation to fast navigation, while satisfying the travel desires of experienced members.
Imagine an aircraft that, thanks to its simplicity and low consumption, only costs 70€/hour to rent.
Imagine above all, permanent availability, your activity continues, uninterrupted throughout the year.

The solution

The ideal service: an aircraft available 100% of the time and at lower cost.
The concept is simple: one Elixir goes into maintenance, another, strictly identical, replaces it.

Elixir Aircraft allows you to offer your members uninterrupted activity throughout the year.

The rental offer includes maintenance, insurance and permanent availability. All machines will be identical. The selected configuration is as follows:

  •     Rotax 912iS (100CV injection)
  •     MT Propeller certified hydraulic variable pitch propeller
  •     Single lever (FADEC)
  •     Night VFR
  •     BRS ballistic parachute
  •     Garmin G3X Touch
  •     Classic needle instruments (anemometer, altimeter and variometer)
  •     Oleopneumatic landing gear
  •     Béringer wheels and brakes

How is that possible?

Agreements in principle are established with financiers for a first round offer accessible to 30 aeroclubs. The first aircraft dedicated to the rental offer will arrive at your aeroclubs from 2021. Iif more than 30 aeroclubs jopin the group, then the offer will be expanded, and the hourly cost potentially reduced below €70.

If you are interested, take a ticket before July 1, 2017 to book your aircraft. Pre-order contracts for the rental offer are already available (HERE). These should be accompanied by a deposit of 2500€, this will be placed in an escrow account and is refundable on request if you change your mind.

The offer presented here of 70€ per hour for an average of 30 flight hours per month, averaged over one year, is an indication of the theoretical price calculated to date in metropolitan France and neighbouring regions (later extended to other countries). However, the rental offer is available to all aeroclubs for a minimum average of 20 hours per month (annualized average). The final price of the rental will be refined according to the volume of hours and will be indicated on the final contract. The schedule may be subject to change depending on take up.

Stay tuned
Arthur Léopold-Léger - Nicolas Mahuet - Cyril Champenois

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