bannière Elixir Aircraft

Flying experience


Wild outside, safe inside

Our company is based in France, this country, our playground, combines an amazing variety of wild and majestic landscapes.

These landscapes reflect both the peaceful and the incredible madness of nature. Whatever the nature’s mood, we always wish to observe and feel it in a constant serenity. 

With our aircraft we allow people to travel and meet beautiful landscapes of the world in a permanent safety.

Improved by technology 

Composite materials and intelligent processes allow us to build a safer, faster and more efficient aircraft.


Pleasure Made Easier

Combination of modern engine, modern avionics, modern structure and modern materials reduce dramatically your workload on every aspect of flight and maintenance.

Design Around you

We believe that passenger experience is a key aspect of security and pleasure, so when we design an aircraft we put the pilot first and conceive from the inside to the outside in order to give wing to your soul.


Forget the past, fly forward

First ultra efficient certified light aircraft.

You will never have again to choose between an old and slow certified aircraft and a recent, efficient but un-certified aircraft.

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