bannière Elixir Aircraft

CS-23* | FAR-23*

Highest safety standards.


World premiere.

NVFR** | IFR**

Training or travel, it's up to you.


Cruise speed up to


Payload up to


Endurance up to



*pending EASA approval **application will start following EASA approval


« I was born with a passion for the sea and a never-ending longing for the skies. All my childhood memories were built on them. I was blessed with a family who let me make most of my dreams come true, giving birth to new dreams stamped with sea spray and white clouds. My greatest dream today is to fly fast and far away in all serenity, a dream I'll make come true for you. »

Arthur Léopold-Léger


Take a seat in the Elixir !


You were not able to meet us there? No problem, we've got you covered.


Meet us from June 17th to 23rd !

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